Flowers & Skulls

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The "Flowers & Skulls" series is a celebration and acknowledgement of everything that is vibrant and beautiful about life and the fabric of our natural world. While one might assume this series is an homage to O'Keefe, it did not begin as such.  The first image in the series is playfully entitled "Dead Head" and was inspired by the skull & roses images associated with The Grateful Dead. Such multilayered inspirations and meta-references contained both in imagery and titles are common threads in my work.

The most lauded image of the set to date is entitled "Dia de los Moo-uertos". "Los Moo", as it is affectionately referred to, is a reference to the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday which honors lost loved ones with offerings, parades, and prayers. "Calavera" (skull) makeup and marigolds are prominent elements in the festivities. In a culture that focuses so much energy on fearing death, los muertos is poignant, and powerful.  The inevitability of death is an essential component contributing to our sense of being and feeling alive.  To look it in the eye and celebrate, choosing to focus on love rather than our own fear or sorrow, is a tremendously evolved and healthy perspective on life. "Dia de los Moo-uertos" had the privilege of being selected as the 2015 poster art for the 27th Annual Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival.  The poster won an honorable mention for the festival as best poster art fair poster in Sunshine Art Magazine.