"Wisdom of the Four" selected for the City of Albuquerque's Public Art Collection!

I received some exciting news recently when I was notified that one of the newest pieces in the "Flowers & Skulls" series completed at the beginning of 2020, entitled "Wisdom of the Four", was selected by the Albuquerque Arts Board for purchase! It is a huge honor to have made the cut, as the city received 279 entries and were only able to purchase 31 pieces, and I am really excited to have my work in the collection! It is unknown at this time where the piece will be displayed, but it will soon be on display in a public space!

"Wisdom" is the third piece I have had purchased by city or state collections, joining "El Rey" which now lives at the Fred Lujan Multi-generational Center in Los Lunas, and "Dia de los Moo-uertos" which found a home at the Tularosa Senior Center. Both pieces were purchased in 2017, but delivered to their new homes at the beginning of this year.

About "Wisdom":
The symbology of the number four is central to the Zia symbol featured on the New Mexico State flag, and has numerous meanings: four seasons, four stages of life, four elements, four directions. The number is also sacred and important in many other cultures, playing a major role in the mythology of several major world religions. This image from the acclaimed “Flowers & Skulls” series incorporates the colors of the New Mexico state flag and utilizes native New Mexican flowers (Mexican Blanket and Sunflower) to create a floral reference to the “Zia” symbol. The image also incorporates a series of repeating squares (four 4s) which is another regularly utilized element in local Native cultures (and, others world-wide), thus the title: “The Wisdom of the Four”.

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