I’ve spent a fair bit of time over the course of my life in Placitas, New Mexico. When I first moved to New Mexico at the age of 17 I lived on the west side. My sister had just taken her first job and was living in Bernalillo. I soon found myself also living in what then was a tiny town of a couple thousand people. I often spent free time on drives up to the mountains through Placitas and hiking at Tunnel Springs. Some time later, my sister built her first home on lower Las Huertas Creek and during my college years, I lived there for a few months. When I met my husband, I learned that his folks had also built in Placitas, owning a home in the village. The Placitas Artists Series is an arts event I have participated in for several years now. They recently made a call for “branding” art they could utilize for their webpage, advertising, and event booklets. With the piece, we were asked to provide a statement. My husband’s parents were some of the most wonderful people I’ve had the privilege to meet, and this was mine:

This image, titled “In Dreams” was shot at the home of my in-laws who
moved to the village many years ago after all of the kids had all gone off to
college. My father-in-law built their home with his own hands, working the
earth, nurturing the land, and coexisting with the wildlife for all of the years
they were there. Their home was a dream home to me; lots of land nestled in
the foothills, a babbling brook in the back, fruit trees, a wonderful vegetable
& herb garden and greenhouse, wandering paths through gorgeous flower
gardens, and a lovely patio with the most perfect bench (handcrafted by a
family friend) to sit on and watch the sunset. To me, their house was the very
definition of the word “home”. It exuded peace and beauty, and its
inhabitants were kind and generous people. We lost Lan in 2007 and Armen
in 2010. Their home is now someone else’s and I can only hope that they love
it as much as the couple that lived out their golden years together there did.
It would be a special honor to have this image be the branding image for the
2016-2017 Placitas Artists’ Series given how much these two people that
broke all of the stereotypes about “in laws” meant to me.